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Matrix Ozik X3
Replacing the XCON, the X3 White Tie has been upgraded with better control, longer shots, and more spin. High launch and low spin, like it's predecessor, maximum roll is the goal.
Matrix Ozik Q3
An upgrade to the best performing shaft on the tour, the Q3 replaces the highly successful HD series with more stability and smoother feel.
Velox Shafts
Two different models from the Velox Series of Shafts, the Velox SP model is designed for the longer driver setup where the balance point is modified to where there is more weight in the butt, while the ST model has more of a typical tour like setup.
Ozik M3
The lowest launching, highest rolling shaft in the world, the Ozik M3 is the best performing tour shaft around.
Radix Shafts
Using the award winning HD design, Matrix releases a line of shafts suitable for any golfer. Easy to hit, the Radix is built to fit the needs the average player, the younger player, and even the senior player. From a soft high launching shaft in the lower weights, to a stiff feeling lower launching shaft in the heavier weights.
Ozik HD
Also incredibly consistent as a shaft, Matrix HD was built to out perform most shafts on the market. Distance and accuracy are both accomplished with the HD Shaft.
Kujoh Shafts
The Matrix Kujoh is one of the few shaft models that will play exceptionally from driver to fairway wood to hybrid to iron. An economical option that allows golfers to play with the best shafts available without spending too much of their hard earned dollar.
Ozik TP HD
The most advanced shaft in the world, The TP HD from Matrix will be more consistent and stable then any shaft you have ever used in your life. Built over several days The TP HD franchise uses the best technology available.
Ozik Program
Arguably the best performing graphite iron shaft in the world, the Matrix Ozik Program Iron shafts launch higher, spin more, and are more stable than any competitor shaft.
Matrix Ozik XCON shafts are low spin, high launch shafts. Specifically designed for higher MOI clubheads, but good for players at all levels. Maximizing roll is the key feature for the XCON shafts.
Ozik RUL
Mid Launching, mid Spinning, the Matrix RUL is a well designed shaft that fits golfers at all levels of play. Using brand new technology called Cross Ply Technology (ACT), The RUL has great recovery before impact, and manages to still increase tip velocity in the process.