Matrix Ozik 8M3 assembled with Adjustable Tip

Matrix Ozik 8M3 assembled with Adjustable Tip
Price: $250.00

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The OZIK M3 series represents the culmination of what Matrix has learned in recent years regarding what the young, aggressive power players on the PGA Tour demand. Designed on the industry leading and patented HD platform, the OZIK M3 features a flat, lower spinning ball flight often preferred by players with higher ball speed. The genesis of the M3 resonates from the flight model of the highly successful M2 series, a winner of numerous PGA Tour events including 2 Majors. Better players preferring additional stability in the tip section will benefit from the tightest design construct ever released by the Matrix R&D team.

If what you're looking for is a straight hitting, low launching, high rolling rocket of a shaft, then the 8M3 was built specifically for you. The heaviest of the M3 series, the 8M3 is more accustomed to the younger golfers with lots of power and swing speed, looking to increase their distance without hurting accuracy. Not recommended for senior golfers, and not recommended for golfers trying to correct a trajectory issue. It's more designed for the golfer that knows what a piercing tour trajectory is like, and is looking for the best shaft out there that accomplishes it.

Please choose the model and adapter from the menu below. We presently sell completely built shafts with adapters for the following brands: TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Adams, Nakashima, Nike, and Cobra.

The built shaft/adapter can be cut to length using the Club Finished Length menu selection. This total length will be the length of the club after shaft is installed, not simply the length of the shaft.
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