Matrix Ozik HD6
Matrix Ozik HD6
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The Matrix Golf Ozik HD6 golf shaft is truly a superb feat of construction. It's weight around 62 grams but still manages a low spin right rate and a low/mid launch angle. It's also torqued down to 3.2 degrees, giving that low torqued feel, which is uncommon in a shaft below 80 grams that also maintains a low/mid launch angle.

The HD in HD6 refers to the hexdecagonal internal platform on which the shafts are constructed. With a much strong 16-cut butt section, the Matrix Golf HD6 has a stronger tip and structure without increasing weight.
0" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" 2.0" 2.0" 2.0"

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Matrix Ozik HD6 specifications   

FlexRaw LengthWeightTorqueLaunchSpinBend PointOverall FeelTip FeelMid FeelButt FeelTip SizeButt SizeCPMSwing SpeedPar Len
L - Ladies 46" 61g 3.6* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.630 220-225 45-55 mph 3.5"
A - Amateur or Senior 46" 63g 3.6* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.630 230-235 70-78 mph 3.5"
R - Regular 46" 65g 3.6* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.630 240-245 82-88 mph 3.5"
F - Firm 46" 66g 3.6* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.630 246-250 89-95 mph 3.5"
S - Stiff 46" 67g 3.6* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.630 251-255 96-102 mph 3.5"
SG - Strong 46" 68g 3.5* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.635 256-260 103-109 mph 3.5"
X - X-Stiff 46" 69g 3.5* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.635 263-267 110-116 mph 3.5"
XX - XX-Stiff 46" 70g 3.5* Low/Mid Mid Mid/High Mid Mid/Stiff Mid Soft/Mid 0.335 0.635 270-275 117+ mph 3.5"