Matrix Ozik TP5HDe

Matrix Ozik TP5HDe
Price: $999.00
  • Description
Building on the success of the TPHD shaft, the TP5HDe is a light shaft built for feel. If you want a smooth swing with optimal trajectory and spin, you will not find a better option.

The Matrix Ozik TP5HDe is more than just a "look at how much my shaft costs" purchase. Ultimate feel and stability is guaranteed. It's predecessor, the TPHD, was built on the HD platform in the butt section only. The TP5HDe is designed with the HD platform from butt to tip, improving stability and reducing deformation down to near zero. The butt is also slightly back-weighted, increasing leverage, promoting more distance.

Don't be mistaken, the TPHDe line of shafts are the smoothest, nicest to swing shafts on the planet, and you will play with a level of confidence you've never felt before.