Matrix Radix S 9 Hybrid

Matrix Radix S 9 Hybrid
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The Matrix HD Radix 9 hybrid golf shaft weighs in at 91 grams and has a mid spin rate. It also has a mid launch, which makes it ideal for golfers at most levels. In ideal situations, this shaft will not affect your trajectory unless you have a very low angle, or a very high angle. If that is the case, it will bring your trajectory up (or down if your current trajectory is high) a bit. This shaft is perfect for golfers that are acquainted to golf shafts in the 91-96 gram range, but are looking for something a step above the rest of the market in terms of technology.

New for 2010, the HD Radix 9 hybrid golf shaft successfully uses the award-winning "HD" structural design without putting too much burden on the golfer's pockets.

The heaviest of the Radix Shafts, the HD Radix 9 hybrid is perfect for accuracy for those golfers with a higher swing speed.
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